Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Purpose Driven Animation

This is my PSA for Animation IV with Steve Gentile. This thirty second clip was made with the intention of having commercial potential. However, Instead of trying create a mock advertisement or bringing public awareness to a topical issue, I decided to adapt an ancient buddhist proverb. Bending the assignment a bit, gave me the perfect opportunity to illustrate this short story that I had in mind for a couple years prior. It stands as a philosophical antidote for instant zen (as the title indicates, there is a collection of these, one of the most popular being "the sound of one hand clapping.") This took months to produce which became exhausting. The point being to make as clear as possible a message for a general audience to understand. It was a challenge but from the start I had a sense of where I was going. It also helped that during production I was reading David Mamet's On Directing Film, which was largely influential in his approach to making a film "readable" by telling a story through shots.

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